Louisiana Department of Insurance

Pursuant to La. R.S. 22:2191, DAL conducts hearings for the Louisiana Department of Insurance.  To request a hearing, an aggrieved person must file a request with the commissioner of insurance within 30 days after mailing of notice of the act or order to the aggrieved party's last known address or within 30 days after the delivery of notice of the act or order to the aggrieved party. The demand for hearing must: 

      • Specify in what respects the person is aggrieved and the grounds upon which relief should be granted at the hearing;

      • Reference the particular sections of the statutes and rules involved;

      • Provide a short and plain statement of matters asserted for review; and

      • Attach a copy of any order or decision of the commissioner of insurance for review.


Louisiana Department of Revenue

Charitable Gaming Permits

Pursuant to the Charitable Raffles, Bingo and Keno Licensing Law (La. R.S. 4:701 et. seq.) and LAC 42:I.1791, when the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) revokes, suspends, restricts or denies an application for license renewal, an applicant may request a hearing before an administrative law judge at DAL. The request for a hearing must be made in writing to LDR within 15 days of the revocation, suspension, restriction, or denial by LDR.


Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions

Pursuant to La. R.S. 6:121.1, La. R.S. 6:1004.2, and La. R.S. 9:3554, a person who violates any rule, regulation, or order of the Office of Financial Institutions (OFI), may be subject to an order to cease and desist, civil penalties, injunctive relief, or suspension or revocation of license(s).  DAL conducts administrative hearings to review these decisions.  A request for a hearing at DAL must be made within 30 days of notification from the Commissioner of OFI.  All requests for a hearing should be mailed to:  Office of Financial Institutions, Attn:  Legal Department, 8660 United Plaza Blvd., Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809.