Sabra Matheny began her appointment as the Director of the Division of Administrative Law (DAL) in 2022. Director Matheny is dedicated to protecting due process for Louisiana citizens and ensuring that DAL continues to provide the valuable service of conducting impartial hearings for both citizens and government.

Director Matheny is a native of Hammond, Louisiana. After graduating from Hammond High School in 1992, she attended the University of Mississippi where she earned a B.A. in English. She is a proud graduate of Southern University Law Center, class of 2002. Director Matheny began her career as a civil litigator and an Assistant District Attorney in Tangipahoa Parish. She also served as an Assistant Attorney General for the United States Virgin Islands’ Department of Justice from 2006-2007. Director Matheny worked as a public finance attorney in New Orleans, where she has resided since 2007. She served the Division of Administrative Law as an Administrative Law Judge for 12 years prior to her appointment as Director. Director Matheny is married to Dylan Field Turner, a native of Fluker, Louisiana.


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