Ethics Adjudicatory Board

Pursuant to La. R.S. 49:992.1La. R.S. 42:1141.5, and LAC 1:III.1101 et seq., the Ethics Adjudicatory Board (EAB) conducts public hearings to receive evidence on facts alleged in formal charges brought by the Louisiana Board of Ethics (BOE) and determines whether any violation of law within the jurisdiction of the BOE has occurred. The EAB is a decision-making body composed of impartial administrative law judges who are employed by DAL, not the BOE. The EAB sits in two panels (Panel A and Panel B) of three judges each, plus one alternate. As an adjudicatory panel, the EAB does not have meetings in the traditional sense of “board meetings” but rather meets as a panel when there are charges brought by the BOE under the Code of Governmental Ethics or Campaign Finance Disclosure Act, to determine whether a violation occurred.


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